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vortech v2 s trim......should i get it???!!!!

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guy on another forums is selling this, had it at 2500 but he said he would do 1900 for it.....should I get it!?!?! seems like a really good deal!!

vortech v2 s trim

k&n intake

39# injectors

svt focus fuel pump

svt lightening 99mm maf

new gates belt

new ngk plugs

frpp adapters for injectors

everything but bracket to mount

this would work with my car right? what, if anything else would i need?


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I mean, its about market price, not an awesome deal or anything.

Get the serial number off the head unit and call vortech, they can tell you how old it is and if its ever been rebuilt.

The head unit is really the part you need to be concerned with....but of course you can always send it in to vortech for a rebuild, just will cost ya.

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