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sleeperstang1994's 4v Build

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I got lots of pictures as we try to document the disassembly and such. This first post will just have a bunch of pictures.

1998 Cobra motor. The problem! cracked block. Car got hit, and the motor mount cracked the block. Good news, another Teksid block awaits machining.







Removing exhaust.









Make sure all the oil is drained before you spin the engine on the stand :D









Be ready for cleanup.


onelow2v was around as well:



Off course a little bit, but here's another set of B heads Josh has as well as his other Teksid block, spare parts, and my '99 Cobra shortblock. Not to mention full 98 Cobra wiring to convert everything.


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Engine harness:IMG_5463.jpgCoolant tube comes apart. Hmph.. never knew that.IMG_5464.jpgIMG_5465.jpgIMG_5466.jpgIMG_5467.jpgIMG_5469.jpgIMG_5470.jpgIMG_5471.jpgIMG_5472.jpgIMG_5473.jpgIMG_5474.jpgIMG_5475.jpgIMG_5476.jpgIMG_5477.jpgIMG_5478.jpgIMG_5479.jpgDon't break/lose these IMRC's!IMG_5480.jpgIMG_5481.jpgIMG_5482.jpgIMG_5483.jpgIMG_5484.jpgIMG_5485.jpgIMG_5486.jpgIMG_5487.jpgDon't break this either. I guess you'd call it the actuator for the IMRC's.IMG_5488.jpgIMG_5489.jpgIMG_5490.jpg


End big (Pun intended)


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lots of picture of you pointing to stuff. Not sure what the story is you are trying to telling us pointing to different random parts but sooner or later I am sure it will all come together.

Eh, don't read into the pointing. I figured we'd really document it pretty well, but I just posted the pictures with barely any explanations. My computer/internet blow so this was rather frustrating to post, lol.

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this is such an awesome build, I like how you are taking the pictures too.

Is it normal for the engine to be so greasy inside? ..e.g. on the butterfly valves?

Well, the intake was fill with oil which it shouldn't be, although this was after the motor was brought home from a 2 hour (?) trip and put on a stand. The IMRC butterflies get very dirty after a while because there is no fuel spray into that secondary intake runner to clean. However, 1998 Cobras had plastic IMRCs compared to the earlier aluminum IMRCs and that they do a better job of staying clean. Also, I believe the plastic won't transfer the heat up to the intake like aluminum would.

Dangit, I guess the camera died before I got any pictures of the oil cooler. I'll have to take some because I think it's such a cool part, lol. Also, one thing that will definitely be done is the cooling mod. You can see the coolant tube on the back of the passenger head in the 7th picture from the end. The core plug will be popped out of the back of the driver's side head to allow coolant flow to go through the passenger head, and straight over to the driver's side head.

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For anyone that's actually interested in modular engine stuff check out all of these.

This build's awesome.


This book is fan-freaking-tastic. I still haven't finished it because I am THE worst reader but it's got loads of great information. I got it for $11 at Pep Boys. Might have been on sale at the time.


I haven't even started reading this but it's supposed to have tons of torque specs and helpful information. Sean Hyland said it contains all the important information taken from a plethora of shop manuals.


Sean Hyland also has a DVD which I bought. It was like $35 shipped since they're located in Canada. It had some good information regarding the machining processes, breakable parts, and tools used. They didn't really go through sequences of removal/torquing which I wish they would have. I'd still recommend buying the DVD.


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i used our parts washer at the dealer. is a water based solvent. basically hot soapy water. i used this instead of brake clean because i did not want to mess up the IMRC pivots. ive seen guys use cleaners and they tend to make the butterflys not move properly. mine look awesome and move nice and free. ill grab a picture after lunch

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post-172-13881836727773_thumb.jpgthey cleaned up pretty nice. I might delete them eventually. Depends where the turbo build goes. For now I'm looking for street ability. Part of the deal was that my wife wants to be able to drive it! However we will see


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