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Mega weekend

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Same car from other vid. 401 ci stroker f1x pro charger air to water cooler. Got her down to 8.33 at 154 letting off at the 1000ft . 7.50 car all day but as you can see in the vid it frys the tires the whole track .

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Yea it's a rocket. We're pulling the combo out of this car this winter and installing it in his first car he had as a kid it's a tubbed fox coupe actual big tire car.the new chassis is 500lbs lighter then the white one.the new car will be in the same spot tho Cus a 25.5 pt cage is only good till 7.50.the 427 stroker from last season will be going back in the white car and were hoping to run 8.90's with a c4 it left like a dog with a glide last year.

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