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well i posted that I bought a 94 SHO and lately Ive been doing basically just maintenance to it as well as some performance stuff. The cars purpose is DD and frankly I love how they are so im not going to overboard just basic bolt ons. Mainly though right now I did all the maintenance that wasnt done to the car like ever. plugs wires gaskets some new sensors belt and some new pulleys as well as all new suspension with lowering springs and new struts all around. these cars came factory with coil on spring. Ive also purchased bigger brakes and steel braided brake lines for it. Im going to do a few more handling type things to it as id like this car to handle sharp, believe it or not with a little work these SHOs can really throw down on the twisties which is all new territory for me but im excited to try it out. Im also getting ready to pick up some new wheels for it right now its between two sparco wheels.



Assetto Garra


im leaning at the green ones which is fine if you hate it =P either way those are the two candidates. I also took the time to respray my manifold with red crinkle coat for that subby sti look.


all new braided couplers, ive spent a pretty penny on the car which is fine considering i got it at a steal and im pretty happy so far just anxious to get it on the road. I made a custom Intake for it and that along with the intake horns out of the manifold and the catback will make this thing sound monstrous when the secondaries kick in. Im also in the process of switching the interior from Mocha to black and re upholstering the rear seat as well as getting another Corbeau Forza for the wifey to sit in.

not the best pic


anyways yeh thats that. for those of you worries that ive forgotten about the cobra dont you worry your little faces i picked up a new sponsor that ill be making a spot about in the next week or so and ive picked up some new friends after meeting Mark Lutton the owner of MMR this past weekend at NMCA shootout here in AZ. Car will definetely be competing next season and I have some interested parties that will be seeing how I perform, some big things may come of this for me. Im still super busy with getting my website all worked out and I hope you all will support me and Im going to contact the mods about possibly becoming a sponsor of the site. Anyways thats whats new with me and the SHO and the Snake so yeh =) Till next time!



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