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atlanticblue98's 96 SVT Cobra

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Bought my 1996 Cobra November 2010 from New Port Richey, FL.

i was sent a link to the For Sale ad on Need2speed.com by Bottlefed97. i was looking for GT's because i had previously thought i could not afford a Cobra. guy was asking $5700 so i sent him a few pm's followed by phone calls.

I have family who lives near New Port Richey (Tampa area) 15 minutes from where the car was located, so i arranged to drive there that following weekend to see the car while i visited family. met up and test drove it, needed some work, but ended up driving the car back to my family's house after talking him down another $500. so i came out paying $5200 for a fairly low mileage Cobra.

first pic of the car i saw from the For Sale ad:


cleaned it up the next day

brought home 1996 SVT Cobra coupe #3779 in Laser Red with Saddle leather interior and Mach 460 audio

came with:

K&N FIPK intake (maf forward kit with factory inlet tube)

BBK O/R X-pipe

Mac 2.5" catback

Pro 5.0 shifter with Steeda Tri-ax handle

FRPP 4.10 gears

FRPP b-springs

FRPP King Cobra clutch

1" wheels spacers

Black carpet swap


about a month later, Throttle cable frayed and snapped at the firewall. Cobra and Bullitt throttle cables are both discontinued so they are very expensive. i bought a 2001-2004 3.8 V6 throttle cable and modified the bracket to accept my new cable.

then more trouble, the next week my Clutch cable snapped leaving me stranded at Walmart at 2am.


found that the previous owner didnt feel like removing the factory firewall mount on the cable when a firewall adjuster was installed -__-


went ahead and ordered a OEM cable from Ford and a better Steeda locking firewall adjuster.

around christmas, i added a FRPP leather shift knob.


drove it as is for a while, but it felt sluggish. took it to a dyno day and it made a pitiful 208rwhp and 257rwtq.


after the dyno run and multiple mid to hugh 14 second timeslips, i decided to remove the IMRC plates and clean or delete them.




IMRC plates were beyond destroyed as the mount for the driver side cable was bent in half, and the passenger side was just very dirty.

i also had a little surprise in the forward most intake port on the driver's side head. an EGR gasket. im assuming the previous had the intake off do do his own deletes and never went through with it.




got everything back together but found i had a massive vacuum leak. the fuel rail had bent and would not seat on the IMRC plates. removed the fuel rail and had it repaired. all was good.

clutch decided to say adios on the highway, ordered a Ram HDX to replace my FRPP clutch. now i have a butter smooth clutch pedal and grabs beautifully.

still running without a tune, went back to the track and was able to get a best of 13.9@101mph with a 2.17 60ft with bald street tires.

a return to the dyno revealed 269rwhp and 280rwtq


RAM hdx clutch decided it liked being in 5k pieces... another FRPP King Cobra went in



picked up a Steeda catback for free and took off my Mac. i'd still like to do Longtubes, VRS X-pipe, and a full custom catback with stingers and 3" fox tailpipes, but this was free and it sounds good.

changed out my leaking original 96 radiator for an Advance Auto 96 replacement, works flawlessly.

next up is a whole thing of maintenance; Balljoints, powersteering pump, new headlight panel, foglights, headlights, and a tune. then i'll look into a shortrunner and/or longtubes

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