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Black Brad

What 230,000 hard miles looks like *22 pics of uglyness*

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Thanks for the nice comments lol, i feel a lil better now about keeping it. Im just worried about when i resell.

You will regret selling it for what its worth for the rest of your days, you might as well keep it as a hobby/weekend car and build it and race it. Thats if you decide to get something else, otherwise just keep it until it dies..

With that amount of millage on it and with todays market you are realistically looking at getting $1500-2000 for it..maybe $2500 if you are very lucky....

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I have just seen some people expecting to get $6000+ for their old high mileage car in todays market, even some with more miles than your car has. I just wanted to let you know what you should expect to get for it these days, but you seem to have it covered yourself.. :thumb:

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