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Power seat problem

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earlier this year I had a similar problem. After removing the seat and looking closer I discovered that the switch had broken. I was able to rig it up to make the connection to move it temporarily but have not put the replacement switch in yet.

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the switch is held on by two screws on the front cover, take them out and you can inspect your switch for loose wires. I Just held it in place for the 3 secs I needed to make it move it up and then was able to pull the seat out. I got another switch/hrns off of ebay and to prevent this from happening again I took a tube of clear RTV and filled the back portion of the switch with it till I could take the excess off of the top and make it clean/neat. This is how they both seal and dampen(from vibrations) marine parts by filling with silicon so it will not only hold all the wires in place but also take all the tension out of the wire connections when the seat moves. I took a pic and will see about posting it in a few to show what I mean.

If all the wires in the switch are good then it might be motor. If you hear/feel something move for a sec then it is the motor. Probably 5-6 yrs ago it locked up and after pulling and inspecting it the worm gear that moves the seat was so dirty it was bound up. cleaned it with wd40, greased it with white lithium grease and have not had an issue since.

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