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96 8.8 rear in a 2001 GT

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So i bent my axle tubes in my rearend. I found a 96 cobra housing, with 31 spline mosers, c-clip elims., strange spool, 4.56 gears and 3 inch studs. It has zero miles on it and is complete. From my research i know the 94-98 rear end uses a 12mm bolt on the LCA's. When browsing lower control arms i see some say 79-04 and others say 99-04... I have seen multiple threads stating i should get 99-04, and others saying 79-04..

So my question is should i get 99-04 specific LCA's or 79-04's? In my mind it makes sense to get the 79-04 LCA'S cause guaranteed to fit my chassis and this rearend. But the people saying 99-04's cause the 79-04's have too much play

Can someone shed some light on this so i can buy a set of LCA's

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Just another thing since I noticed you didn't say anything about it, but the axle lengths are different between those early SN95s and your '01. (99+ are longer)

I'm not sure about the main question, someone else will have to answer.

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so in otherwords it doesnt matter if i buy specific 99-04 or 79-04?? cause i found 79-04 upper and lowers for 150 compared to lowers for 150 99-04

and yes brian i was aware it was shorter, tucks the tires in a little less than an inch i'm ok with it i guess, need the rear pretty quickly and i'm getting this built rearend for the same price you'd pay at a salvage yard. Since it has 3" studs was gonna put a small 1/4 inch spacer i have laying around.

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Yea pretty much kenny, worst case you would have to drill a sleeve slightly bigger biying year specific. But if its listed 79-04 they will work. Thats what we used on kyles black 00Gt.. The rear is roughly 3/4" in on each side compared to a stock 99+ rear. Not a huge diff tho.. Here is a pic of mine with a 99-04 length rearend w/345s compared to now with the correct length rear and 285s. (same rear wheels)

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