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M90 Supercharger Swap (For 94-98 V6 Mustangs)

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The M90 is intended for single port engines, therefore it's for the 94-98 V6 guys. Splitport (99-04) will have to do the M112 swap.

This post was written by V6Sprout over on v6power.net.

So you want to install a roots blower from the thunderbuird Supercoupe on your mustang eh? Will it work? What all is needed? How hard is it? How well will my mustang block hold up? Read on.........

First of all WILL IT WORK?

YES but its not easy

Second what all is needed?

LOTS! Basically its easier and cheaper to buy the entire SC motor, but if you want to install it on your mustang block here is what you need.

-Roots blower

-SC blower top

-SC lower intake

-SC rear blower intake with SC TB

-Rear intake (from IC to lower intake)

-SC thermostat housing

-SC jackshaft pulley bracket

-SC PS pump bracket

-SC crank pulley

-SC water pump and pulley

-PS pump pulley (you can us your mustang pump)

-SC tensioner pulleys (all 3)

-if using the SC block/crank then use the 94-95 neutral balanced dampener with exeter gear, some dampeners off the F150 will work as well.

-if using the mustang block/crank then use you stock mustang dampener

-if using the SC block/crank then use the SC flywheel/flexplate

-if using the mustang block/crank then use the mustang flywheel/flexplate

-Mustang or SC starter will be fine, they are the same

-Mustang headers

-SC heads are better but Mustang heads would probably be fine (SC heads are supposedly a little stronger)

-SC injectors or eqivilent plus matching MAF

-89-93 SC came with 30# injectors and 55mm MAF

-94-95 came with 36# injectors and 70mm MAF

-all cooling hoses

-SC thorttle cable

-SC throttle cable bracket


-MUSTANG wiring harness

-wire to lengthen wiring harness connectors

-extra cooling hoses for custom work

-MUSTANG timing chain cover or 94-95 SC timing chain cover

-MUSTANG crank sensor

-MUSTANG or SC alt will work, MUSATNG better sicne it has the extra connect on it, but will work without it for the SC alt, need to change pulleys if using the Mustang Alt. I believe the Mustang alt is more powerful as well, not exactly sure.

-SC AC compressor

-custom AC lines

-custom air inlet needed

-SC intercooler should work, not sure how well the SC intercooler tubes will clear but they should

or use a custom IC setup like me icon_smile.gif

-Mustang motor mounts

-SC valve covers

-Mustang DIS module, don't need the SC one.

-SC oil cooler (not needed but good to have)

-Mustng rad will work, but if using the SC IC then might be easier to us ethe SC rad its a little smaller though but works for the SC guys fine.

-Major tuning

-SC coil pack bracket (mustang coil pack should work but I have the SC coil pack as well)

Now, how hard it is?

Well that all depends, if you have the complete motor it will be a lot easier, basically just drop the motor in and customise the wiring and hoses and a few other things. Finding all the needed parts is the hard part, where as a complete motor has everything you need.

A lot of custom work is needed to get everything hooked up, I had to make custon cooling hoses where the heater core is, I had to cut the throttel cable bracket to clear the hoses so I could not use the cruise control cable, so no cruise. The EGR needed to be deleted sicne there is very little room where it hooks up, the engien is very close to the firewall, I may try and get it to work with customising the EGR just for emissions, not sure yet. You will also need a very good tune to make this setup work, trust me, I have been there. icon_smile.gif You will need to make a custom air inlet from the airfilter to the TB, thats not too hard, also if using a custom IC setup, then thats all got to be made as well, piping, brackets IC etc. The SC motor has 2 extra sensors they are the knock sensor and oil level sensor, we can live without these, and besides our mustang harness will not plug into them so we can't sue them anyways, all other sensors will work, just need to lengthen wires to reach them. With my custom IC setup I had to moive my battery to the trunk as well, but if you use the stock SC IC then you'll be fine.

How will my mustang block hold up?

Well the SC came with a stronger crank, pistons and rods to handle the extra power. The SC block is also stronger. The mustang block has proven itself to be fairly strong as well, no one has broken one yet at least. No one really knows for sure how long the mustang pistons and rods and crank will hold up to the roots setup, I have been told that the rings would be the first to go, the mustang has a higher compression ratio, but something about the location of the ringlands or something is better ont he SC pistons, don't wuote me on that, its hearsay right now. Stock SC compression is 8.5:1, I am running 9:1 with forged pistons in my setup. I have heard about guys even running above 10:1 with the roots blower but I don't think they push their motors too hard either, more for show.

I have also heard of guys runing 4.2 SC motors, with no problems, except for one guy who keeps busting cranks, SC cranks at that, I think his problem lies elsewhere though.


Q: is there a way to keep the cruise control AND the air conditioning?

A: SC's the throttle and cruise cables run behind the intakes where the mustangs run over the intakes. I had to cut the mounting bracket to clear the heater core hose inlet/outet from the firewall, its not the cable thats the problem its the bracket that holds the cable to the TB.

Q: I'm thinking of putting an M90 setup on my 96 Tbird 3.8. Will the M90 stuff bolt right up to my intakes, TB, radiator, tranny cooler, etc? Is the M90 a direct bolt on or do I still need to change alot of stuff?

A: No, the intakes, throttle body, and radiator will not fit. The stock Supercoupe setup includes a specific intake hose, throttle body, inlet plenum, M90 blower, intercooler and piping, shorter radiator to fit next to the intercooler, a return plenum, and lower intake manifold. So, yeah, there's a lot more to it than just a blower. Some of the intercooler stuff can be custom made to work with your stock radiator, but the rest will have to be changed.

Q: Do you use the mustang wiring harness when doing this swap? What about the barometric pressure sensors? my mustang harness does not have provision for them with 89 super coupe motor in 94 mustang

A: don't worry about the BAP sensor. Your basically adding a blower to the mustang motor, even if you use the SC complete motor. The computer is still the stang computer. So it just thinks you added the blower. Plus the SC computer is an OBDI computer and the stang is OBDII which is better. You just don't use a few sensors the SC had. The SC was a luxury sports car and had so many extra sensors, like air ride control coolant level etc etc etc.

Q: Can i use the mustang idle control valve on the sc t.body?

A: Yes, in fact, you should ONLY use the Mustang IAC. This also avoids splicing a connector

Q: on the air temp sensor do i use the mustang or tbird sc part. if i use the tbird piece can i use the mustang connector?

A: yes, again, only use the Mustang sensor.

Sounds like the best way to go it just to buy a whole Supercoupe engine and swap that in, than it is to just swap the M90 and supporting mods, because the SuperCoupe engine in build to cope with the extre power from the supercharger.

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Also I would like to add, the factory intercooler the M90 setup comes with is really crappy, this would be a good place to upgrade to a larger front mounted intercooler.

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