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went to the track, 2 morosso studs snapped off

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Well had some issues my first two runs with traction down the whole track then i got tire pressure right and go for another run same launch and it hooked so hard the car almost stalled.

still pulled a 1,9 with that stall lol but when i go home after that pass, i check tires and saw 2 studs snapped clean off and one with the lug nut missing one all on the drivers side.

lil info on the rear strange lightweight spool 4.56 gears 31spline axles c clip elims upper lowers and shocks

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Here is an update, there screw in studs. His left rear wheel fell the fuck off and I had to hit up a local speed shop to bring him some legit moroso wheel studs. From the looks of things they were originally bolts and not legit studs. Under normal driving he managed to break the last 3. Needless to say we turned a hotel entrance driveway on the side of a road into a shop in no time.... But he was lucky and the car fell on the tire and stopped yhe rear from hitting the street.

Heads up and ass kickin! Using Tapatalk 2

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