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Rubberizing factory AR15 mags.

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Did this while i was doing some other things.


Rustoleum Flexable Leakseal Rubber coating is what I used. Im sure Undercoating, or something similiar would work.

Masking Tape

Factory AR mag


take a before shot.






I masked off about where it would go into the mag well to avoid any kind of functioning issues.



Spray it!. No pics of this step.

will edit once its finally cured for finished shots.

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idk how well that would hold up to pulling out of vests or resting against a table when shooting

didnt you used to have an f body?

Sorry, forgot to update. Eh, for the amount of shooting i do, it will probably withstand the minimual abuse i'll put it though. If not, a quick spray would fix and damages. Nope, only a new edge.

Vs. Pmag


Installed. I masked off according to the wear marks on the mag. Should have masked off according to the actual fit. D'oh!


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