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How much boost will I see?

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I have a 3.4 pulley on my p1sc for my 04 gt. Im going to change it to a 3.6 but was going to add a power pipe. I know the 3.4 pulley is for 12-14psi? and the 3.6 is for 8-10psi? but how much boost with a 3.6 pulley make with a power pipe? Im new to superchargers so please bare with me

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Every .1" is supposed be good for 1 pound of boost. So theoretically you should drop 2psi going from the 3.4 to the 3.6. The power pipe is supposed to be good for 1-2psi. So according to the math you shouldn't see any difference on the boost gauge. But it probably won't work out that way.

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