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Custom Trick Flow High Port head swap & Exhaust upgrade project.

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This started way back in 2010. Currently the Cobra is at the dyno shop finishing up the exhaust ( Cats being welded in and fitting the catback system, things dont fit so well when the mid pipe and long tubes are custom). But here is a quick rundown of what was done on the car, I'll do a timeline up until a few weeks ago when it was taken to Pro Tree Performance in N.H. Looking at hopefully next week or the week after for the dyno tune. Still waiting to hear back from them on when it will be finished up.

Started out with the fact that I had a 351 only putting out 344/347 due to some cylinder heads that were meant for boost and I wanted to keep it N/A ( It had a Vortech S-Trim on it before I bought it) They were AFR 185's with 72cc combustion chambers which put my compression around 8:4 with the stock pistons. Not so good for N/A power so it was time to start the tear down.


Did some block clean up and repainted what I could with it in the car. Before/After



Stripped the upper intake for powder coating


Re painted the Valve covers.


Intake was done along w/ the accessory brackets



Finally the big day arrived and the cylinder heads finally came. Ordered them in Jan of 2011 and did not get them until june of 2011. The CNC Machine shop was backed up but I finally got them. Installing them and putting the topend back together was as far as I got in 2011, I had the long tubes (as you will see ) but ran out of time/money to get it running for that summer.

Cylinder heads are Custom CNC Ported 234HR Trick Flow High Ports from Ed Curtis. 2.05 intake valves 1.60 exhaust valves 64cc Combustion chambers. And the flow #'s

Lift Intake Exhaust

.100" ..80 .58

.200" 142 115

.300" 196 150

.400" 258 190

.500" 304 215

.550" 320 220

.600" 333 222

.650" 340 230

.700" 334 236

.750" 340 238






After some trial and error I finally got the correct pushrod length.


Now there was nothing left to do but re assemble the top end and this is how it looked at the end of the summer in 2011



And the Accufab Long tubes ( 1 3/4 ) And the 3" Mac Prochamber.



And once I got them back from being ceramic coated this spring.


Finally got the engine fully assembled and the long tubes installed.




And after a very long wait the start up day finally arrived. ( Exhaust is dumped and the cats are not welded on, hence why it is now currently at the dyno shop). Straight off the headers in the first vid

And it was finally ready to be driven under its own power and to see the daylight from outside of the garage for the first time since sept of 2010



So this is how it all stands as of now. Just waiting for the dyno tune and then off to the track to test out the new found power. Hoping for some 11 N/A slips and not really sure where it will fall in power wise. It should be really close to 400 at the wheels from what Ive seen from similar combo's but you just never know. Could be 375, could be 415. But stick around for updates to see the final results soon.

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I'm trying.... The shop its at gets back from vacation on the 9th. My vacation starts the 11th on weds. I'm hoping to make it down that day or on thrus for the tune. It should be done by then they said they were going to start working on the the day after I dropped it off and they had it about 2 weeks before they went on vacation.

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Thanks Brian, at a few points I never thought Id have it running again due to just not thinking Id ever get it done and also b/c I kept thinking...you dumb ass your never going to get all this back together and actually have it run, and if it does its going to blow coolant everywhere from heads/intake not sealing right...blah blah and I'll have to have it towed somewhere and finished.

Well it started on the first turn of the key and it runs great :) Tuner is back on monday so hopefully I'll be hearing some new news soon

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