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Chit Chat Chatroom!

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What's up guys! I know many of you said that you don't use the facebook style chat feature that we have installed onto the forum. I know everyone can see the "who's online" funtion but I am willing to bet that many of you don't know about like the public chatroom. I screened shot a couple different pages so you guys know how to use these cool functions.

Aside from these members who have posted in the public chat, did any of you know that it was here?


If you notice on my screen, you can pop the chat box out so it isn't stuck and attached at the bottom of the bar!

To open up the chatroom click on the box on the bottom bar that reads "chatroom"


Once opened, there are many different options you can go to.

The first menu is the lobby which has all of the chatrooms that you are currently in. In the create chatroom section, you can name your own chatroom and invite whoever you'd like!


When you click the "popout" button, it pops your chat room from out of the bar like so. This allows you to browse and chat at the same time.


Just wanted to highlight these functions so that everyone knows what is available to them!

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