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My 1995 mustang gt vert

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Ive owned the car for just over a year ( first car ) and have been saving up my money for some mods this spring. So far its lowered with sve springs, has kyb agx shocks and struts, maximum motorsport cc plates, new tan top, mac equal length headers, pypes x pipe, flowtech terminator mufflers, SS 2.5 tailpipes, chin spoiler, saleen wing, stainless brake hoses, 03 cobra steering wheel. Probably forgetting a few small things but you get the idea. This spring im planning on doing a bunch of stuff. Including a hci, most likely the trickflow top end kit. Any suggestions? or should i peice together my own kit? Also planning on changing out the tan carpet for black carpet and new seats, most likely some corbeau's. Wheels will be changed out too. Thinking about silver fr500s (staggered 18s) but the more i think about it i want a non traditional mustang wheel to be different. Ive been looking at xxr's lately. Heres some pictures of the car. I put on my dads wheels he had laying around to see what they would look like ( 04 cobra deep dish) but im not too crazy about them because i want 18s.

When i first got it



03 cobra wheels


saleen wing How it sits now


I also hate the cervinis hood thats on it now. I want to get either a cowl hood or a saleen.

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Car looks like an awesome starting point man! Agree with the hood, a single step cervinis would compliment that color perfectly. As far as your plans for hci, ive actually never seen anyone put down over 300 to the wheels with it but have seen people put down better numbers with a pieced together hci. When you do it yourself your goal is to make sure that everything is going to be working with each other and eliminating any possible areas that could be holding you back. The best hci that I've seen have had a custom ground cam that is ground to act the way you want it too, with the rest of your parts (exhaust heads, intake). When you start planning it out, post up a thread in the 5.0 section for some more in depth explanations!

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