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Tires for the road course

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I have a set of OEM 10th Anni Cobra wheels (17x9) that I am going to be using for the road course (OOPPSSS FORGOT TO TELL YALL I HAD THEM LOL) and I was wondering what tire recommendations you other corner carvers would recommend.

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The R888 is more or an extreme performance street tire than a pure track tire. They are nice, though.

On any of those I listed, a 225/45 or a 245/40 on a 17x9 will give you a nice flush side wall so you don't have to worry about it stretching or bulging during cornering.

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Yeah, a lot of people don't realize how wide those types of tires run. On a 9" rim, the 225/45 competition tire will sit flush like a 265/35 performance street tire. And because of the 'slick' design, you are actually putting down double the contact patch of a similar width street tire.

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