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whats do i need?

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so my ball joint has been shot for awhile now, no more band aid fixing it. But im currently on FRPP Csprings, Id like to go a little lower. Do i really need the Steeda X2 balljoints? I have to replace the driver side regardless, might as well do the pair. Just not sure if I really need them,even now.

Also, wanna do all the shocks soon, Ive always heard to run fox body shocks up front, If i stay with just the c springs, fox body shocks or new edge?

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Idk how c-springs sit but how low do you wanna go? If you wanna be slammed slammed, its best to go with fox struts because they're shorter. If you need to do the ball joints then you might as well just throw the x2's in there.

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