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anyone skilled in video editing?

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this spring when i have my car all finished up i would love to have a sick video with a soundtrack added and cool editing. are their places you can find in the phone book to do these videos for you. here are some examples of the type of video i am wanting:

is this achievable with a decent video camera and some FREE software? any help or info would be awesome!!!!

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Here is the extent of my video editing. The video was made with two Panasonic hand held video cameras. I know i is no the greatest. the music is from the radio in the car. I would have to look on my old laptop and see what software I used. You will need a computer with a ton of memory. You will also need a few hours of time. My new laptop doesn't have enough memory for video editing. But it is possible to do with a quality video camera

By the way that is Kats Mustang getting spanked in the video. I will give her Kudos though for taking her daily driver to the track and running it


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It's all about the composition of the videos shot. Similar to taking photos, the post processing should mostly be cutting, chopping, fitting to music, transitions, where as the majority of the quality comes from the shots beforehand. That being said, I've made a few videos in my time, I wonder how good the quality is through my dslr. I know it won't be as good as a fancy purpose video camera but I'd be willing to give it a shot!!

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