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Need Help!!

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If it's just the x pipe it should be a 10min. job.

If things come apart easily, then yes.

OP, my suggestion is to get under the car today and shoot the bolts with some PB Blaster and let that stuff soak in over night, might save you some trouble tomorrow.

Also if you or someone you know has one of these, they can be the best thing in the world for freeing up rusted bolts/nuts. Just heat up the nuts to expand them and they should break free.

(these work GREAT for breaking the nuts free on tie rod ends btw, for future reference)


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Hey yall, just got new x pipe and I will need help tomorrow putting it in, so if anyone could help out that would be amazing! as of now Brain Williams is helping me out also but always could use extra hands.

I would offer assistance, but as soon as the dyno day at DTP is over, I'm bringing my Stang home and slapping the Coilovers on. You should come out to the dyno day in the morning and meet some of us locals.

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I will probably bring my ass back to the house. Between tweeking my back Thursday and my friggen throat swollen I am dragging myself to the Dyno. i feel like crap today. I would love to come work on a car somewhere but just don't think it is going to happen. Sorry everyone. Plus PRP Vinyl has a bunch of vinyl to catch up on.


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