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Action Video Camera Opinions

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What is every ones opinion on the different Action Video Cameras. Go Pro hero3 Silver, Go Pro Hero3 black, Sony Action Cam, or JVC addixxion.

I stopped by the Navy exchange to look at the cameras today and those were the options, actually there was one other but I do not recall the brand name.

The Go Pro hero 3 silver, Sony and JVC were all priced with in $10 of each other.($269-$289)

The Go Pro Hero 3 black was $100 more, but it does have the wifi wireless remote, which really caught my eye. A lot less wasted video to edit if you can start and stop recording on the go.

Which has the most useful options.

What would be your choice and why? I don't want want to hear that you think one is junk because you like the better.

I plan on making several hard mounts, in the front bumper, under the rear bumper facing forward and rearward, on one of the traction bars under the car facing forward and rearward.



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The difference between the black and the silver:

the black will do 1440 video, silver only does up to 1080. Black comes with wireless remote, silver it is an $80 add on. So for silver with remote it is $20 less than Black and no 1440 recording. For a techno Geek like Brian that might be a deal breaker, for me not so much. Keep inmind I am still using a 27" tube TV I bought in 1994. LOL


P.S. The other camera brand at the Exchange was called Contour. I almost bought it simply for the fact that it has a picatinny rail mount available

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Here's my comparison of the Go Pro and Sony Action Cam.

Go Pro



1.) Can be found cheap (if you don't go for the most brand new Hero 3)

2.) Decent quality video

3.) Lots and LOTS of mounts now that they've been out for awhile


1.) TERRIBLE sound quality. Even with a skeleton door don't expect any sort of car exhaust note to be picked up other than just a bunch of blaring noise

2.) Low battery life unless you opt for the extra money for a rechargeable battery

3.) Bulky, awkward and unaerodynamic for mounting on a car.

Sony Action Cam



1.) Sound Quality and Video Quality is off the charts incredible!

2.) Very easy to use; Press one button and the camera turns on and starts recording

3.) Comes standard with a rechargeable battery and the battery lasts 3 hours filming HD1080.

Overall I love my Action Cam a lot more than my go-pro. It's just a lot better quality both from the technical aspect as well as the aesthetic and will never buy another go pro again. What makes it even more nice is it uses a standard tri-pod mount, which makes it very easy to find a mount and instead of it being a monopolized market of expensive mounts from go-pro, you can get a really cheap camera mount anywhere!

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