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intake gaskets

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As im sure many of you are aware that the B head intake gaskets are no where to be found. i have checked all local auto parts, online with places like rock auto. my last hope was with CJ pony parts. I work for CJ's so i was hopeful that we could still get them. Nope. i contacted MMR and they are out as well. Does anyone have any other leads they would be interested in sharing for these. I have the plastic 98 IMRC's so i would need the paper intake to IMRC and then the O ring style IMRC to head gaskets. thanks in advance

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yep those are the same numbers that CJ's carried. the 251's were discontinued around christmas and the 833's. just today according to our marketing department. All the gaskets i can find are from FelPro. i cant find any other manufacture that has any. I work for a Ford dealer too. maybe ill need to have my parts department do a dealer search for some NOS

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