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DIY Cobra or Other Logo Floor Mats on the Cheap!

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A guy on our local forum posted this a while back and I thought it would be good to add here. He didn't include much explanation, so I wrote out some instructions to accompany the pics.

Materials needed:

Plain floor mats

Embroidered logo patches of your choice (Cobra snake, Pony, etc)

4 pcs. 4" x 6" plywood

2 pcs. 6" long 2x4

2 C-Clamps

Tube of clear silicone adhesive


Step 1: Apply clear silicone adhesive to the bottom of the patch (not too much!) then place it where you choose on the floor mat.

Step 2: Position the plywood pieces on top of the patch, then on the back side of the floor mat, place the 2x4 chunk on top where the C-clamp will be rotating as you tighten it. Clamp them down tight and let the silicone cure overnight (the longer the better).


Step 3: After the silicone is well cured, remove the clamps and wood blocks and viola! The patch stays recessed so even upon close inspection they look like they are stitched into the mat. :thumbsup:

He said they hold up great, and he has used this method on floor mats in daily drivers of his for years.



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