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Having VSS issues. Help Needed

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My speedometer stopped working about a year ago. I have a VSS code. I replaced VSS, but I'm not sure if I'm missing something. Looks like a very straight up swap. Unplug, remove a bolt, slide it out, change the gear over, and slide it back in. The "L" bracket seems to create a gap and not sitting flush. Is this normal (pic below)?

The transmission is fairly new and the gear was in excellent shape. I'm still getting the VSS code and speedo doesn't work. Along with the odometer, nor cruise control.

Any help or theories appreciated.Thanks.


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i have my speedcal installed under my center console, some people have them under the hood, some behind the dash. Im not sure about the tuner location though. My speedcal went bad and killed all my speedo stuff as well. What year is your car?

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Does the speedo read correctly with the 3.73's in it? its possible they tried changing out the gear on the output shaft inside the trans to correct the speedo also. most of the time the gear will get chewed up inside the trans. so you could look through the hole the speed sensor installs into, and see if the gear still has all its teeth.

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It was accurate, yes. I'll take a look. The transmission has around 5k on it. I am pretty sure the internals are to factory spec.

I'll take a look though to confirm.

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