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Took a trip to Oz today and met the Wizard.

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So I had an extremely eventful day today! I had some parts listed up for sale over on Corral. I posted a few things and did some stuff, then received a PM from none other than Ed Curtis. Much to my surprise he wanted to buy some of my parts. After we chit chatted on the phone for a while, I took a trip and went to his top secret super spy cave.

Holy shit has he got some badass stuff in that shop! He was showing me some of the heads that he did port design for. So after I finished drooling over a $3000 set of fucking amazing TFS heads that he had done, we got down to the nitty gritty. Monday he is ordering me a set of 195cc AFR heads, and he's going to let loose on them. All brand new high end light weight valvetrain. Some of his own special tricks involving a redesign of my entire intake path... And he also gave me a fantastic idea for a new ram air variation for my induction setup.

I am so excited about finally getting my pig back together... If I can get the car done before the end of April, I might finally hunt down that low 11 second slip that has eluded me for years now. Maybe next year ill have him cut me a new cam so I can ditch my Camshaft Innovations doorstop.

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Its pretty cool when you see or meet somone like that in person. Its a humbling experience....

He's got old racing trophies sitting on the shelf, buried by valvetrain parts! I was in awe when I saw the red hatch on his fb page... And the 8x20 wall of valvetrain parts. He's got boxes upon boxes of stuff there! I was like a 5 year old in toys'r'us. I just wanted to touch things.

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