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Gasket kits?

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Ok, so I'm not that dumb, that I don't know you can't go through Jegs or summit or whomever, but when I get that engine from copmagnet and I go to rebuild it, what gaskets do y'all recommend I use, and is there a kit I can buy from one company, rather than piece it together? I'm planning to build a higher compression NA engine for now, as I plan to get the Teksid block from pick n pull and swap over items from the '02 I'm getting from copmagnet. So, which gaskets should I go with, do you have a preference?

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I've always found it cheaper to piece gaskets together. Gasket kits usually come with the minimum quality gaskets. I usually spend a little extra money on better quality gaskets. After using that one piece $35 Felpro oil pan gasket, I will never use another oil pan gasket again. It seals first time, every time with no RTV or tacking, and it's reusable.


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