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well this is what i did all winter long this year.... my dads best friend had rode my quad last fall and well he rolled it 6 times after the wind had pushed him off the road in mid 4th gear wheelie.. so long story short it took a lot of my time to make this quad right again but now its better than ever... lots of new parts,

old frame during the tare down






new frame and A arms the A arms are plus 1 forward and plus 1 wider on each side




motor back in




i cant find the pictures form when i put the oil tank and radiator on the new frame

and in one night with a lot of beer me and my buddy ryan got it almost 100% done oh and i had to buy new rims all 4 of the old ones where bent



and then after a tone of work on small stupid shit it was time to ride




All cleaned up


some of the members might notice my old DD in the back ground... my buddy bought it and its still running strong at 275k lol


my daughters love this thing



well guys what you think of my handy work lol

Brian knows how long this damn thing took me lmao

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Well he didn't roll six times my poor quad did. He was at the top of 4th gear in a wheelie and there was a strong cross wind (10-15mph). Well as he came over the crest of the hill the wind caught the under side of the quad just right and pushed it back on the grab bar. He tried to jump off and push the quad down at the same time but the quad didnt go back on all fours instead it spun slightly and started to cartwheel then it rolled. My buddy rolled a couple times and jumped on his feet yelling NO NO NO FUCK NO lol. But it's all good now he paid me for the damages and gave a bother quad. And I have my 400 back better than ever.

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