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Number Tew

Changed the fuel pump on this clunker.

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It was time, SVT Focus 310 LPH pump. Here's some pics:


Car jacked up on some 6 ton jack stands. Them things is beast.





Idk what I was supposed to see, but....whatever.


Drilled holes in this thing, supposed to make it happier or something.


My buddy whitey squatting in the drive way, putting the old sending unit and new pump in the new bucket.


Scuffed and and cleaned the tank cover. Previous owner must have done the fuel filter at 161k. I did it again later, so now it's on its 3rd since I've owned it. Painted over that bright ugly yellow lol.




Buttoned back up. Took this about a minute before a giant down pour.

Overall, went pretty smoothly. Just had to hit the parts store twice because of those stupid fuel line fitting things. My pieces to remove them broke, so I had to go buy a couple of those. I was nervous but it wasn't so bad. Just glad I had my friend there to help, because I get frustrated with little tasks sometimes lol.


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