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So, as posted in the other thead...

Picked up a daily. With all the mods/fixing going on with the Roush lately, the rental car cost was killing me. So we bought a '99 Contour for me. Not a bad car for the price, fun to drive, easy on gas and comfy for the entire family to get in. My daughter loves it.






And the new driver...


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Thanks guys. So far it's been a really fun car. I can't believe it took me so long to get one!

I do have to admit that after driving a T56 for so long, this stock 5 speed is sloppy. I have more play in the handle when it's in gear than the T56 had in neutral! Might have to address that.

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Good buy. One of those is the plan for me so I can retire the cobra from daily driver duty

Whoot whoot! Or a Svt focus is a pretty solid daily driver

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I looked at a few SVT-Fs. Sadly they were either ragged to the point of no return or twice the price of this one. The only reason I looked at the F was b/c of the Eaton that you can get and Roush has a full suspension and aero package for them. :look:

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