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Replacement side mirror mounting plastic

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So I found a set of terminator mirrors that's I might pick up for cheap. Cool. Only issue is that the glass is missing from the driver side. Not a huge deal as you can get a piece of glass cut for about 10-20 bucks. But where the issue arises is that the plastic housing that the glass sits in is also missing. Is there anywhere that you can buy just the plastic mounting for the glass itself? I found this site called burco redi cuts but the mounting ring is mounted directly to the glass and there's no plastic mounting. I'll get it if I have to but I'd much rather it be right

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Yah that dude is on crack. He said he's firm at 250 and won't budge so I said have fun not selling them. Plus he's got them listed at export mirrors when they clearly aren't and I told him they aren't. I'm gonna start flagging his posts

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