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Wiring issue??? WTF!

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Sooo I fixed my play in my steering, drilled through the shaft and installed set screws, .. Anywho I decided to take the car for spin... Goosed it around a corner, after I straightened it up, it just died!!

I turned the key, and fuel pump wasn't priming, GREAT!, fuel pump died, so I called the wife and a buddy, we towed it home..

I decided to try a few things before the pump because I've never seen one just all up and die, swapped out the ccrm still no dice, did the self test, no dice..

Checked the fuses under the dash, BOOM! #18 (ignition,ccrm,dash lights) was blown.. Replaced it,turned the key and popped instantly.. I pulled the ignition switch and wiring( had to replace it all when I got the car because it was all fried!)..installed a new switch and viola fired right up..

Here's the kicker.. I decided to see what happened when I tried the old switch, just to see what happens, and FIRED RIGHT UP! WTF!!..

Re installed all the wiring and now it fires up first try again..

I'm literally at my wicks end with this car.. I'm scared to take the kids out with me in it now especially if it dies like it did in an intersection..

I'm really considering stepping the cars engine harness, ecu harness,whole interior, exhaust,etc. and install it in the garaged project car, I know this car has no issues of the sort.. I love driving this car, but its seeming to be too much of a dangerous liability.. Yeah I can trace the wiring issue down but then again who knows what's next to go bad!.. I want something in the road for the cruise ins etc. now, but I'm really losing confidence in this car.. I literally just made a 120 mike trip to work and back, go 3/4mile down the road and boom tow home.. Fuck!!..

What do I do guys??

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Yeah, I'm going to get my meter out and measure resistance per wire I suppose, see if I can find a bad or exposed wire.. I just need this thing to last till winter, then it's getting stripped to supply the other car to be street legal..

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