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Seat dye, before and after pics

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A lot of people ask how I got a perfect color match to the OEM saddle color on my racing seats. Since I recently had one replaced under warranty I thought you would enjoy some before and after pics. The bright white is exactly how it came out of the box, the saddle is my old one which was dyed over 2 years ago




Now here is all I used to dye them


I also used some nitrile gloves and paper towels which I don't think anyone needs pics of

Not too hard to do and comes out looking perfectly

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You pretty much have to post a interior now haha.

Only pics I have of the full interior is from when I installed the seats originally, maybe I will shoot some new ones once I get this one back in

The pics don't do the color justice either, the white one is a bright clorox bleach white, it just looks a little cream because of my cheap ass basement lights

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