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Went to the track yesterday.

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So I went to the track yesterday with a friend. He took his drag car there but didnt get to run it due to it having a head gasket leaking. So I threw on the slick and made a day out of it. Just to inform you all this is the 2nd day I've ever been on the drag strip. The car is an 04 gt with gears, exhaust (x-pipe, cat back), intake and a nitrous kit. The first few passes it went 8.8-8.9 with a 1.8 60ft at 78 mph. So the last pass of the night I sprayed a 100 shot the car went 8.20 at 85mph with a 1.7 60ft. So the car will be in the 7s with more seat time. This was on the bone stock suspension with lowering springs and thats it. I do have a full rear Team Z suspension that will be going on after I get back from mustang week.

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Its on a full throttle switch so as soon as I dump the clutch and mat it activates is. It is a 5 sp. and I'm maily working on the 60ft right now. My tire pressure was at 16psi so I dont know if I should lower it a little more. but this was also my last run of the night so much clutch wasnt liking it

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