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The Wizard's 1998 Mustang GT project build

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He is a little history of my 1998 Mustang GT.

The car was originally purchased by an older lady who traded it in at Clear Lake Lexus south of Houston. The car went to auction where a small car lot in Livingston, Tx bought it. This is where I found it like new in 2000 at that little car lot. The passenger seats had never been sat it.

Day I got it home


Well I kept it totally stock for several years. In Feb. 2009 my daughter was turning 16yrs old. I bought a 2007 Mustang GT Convertible and I decided to give her the mustang. Well the Laser Red paint had faded quit a bit so I decided to let Maaco repaint it to the factory color. I talk to them in detail to confirm they could do it. We set up a time to drop it off and everything was set. I drop it off on Thurs, pick it up on Tues. and give her the car on her birthday with a huge bow on top.

I show up on Thurs. evening at Maaco at closing time and the guy I've been working with is not there. The manager is there. He asked me did you pick a color. I said yes, I already spoke with the other guy. So the manager ask me to pick a color out of this huge book. I told him that it's 6pm and your closing and I have my ride outside waiting. I told him, "we are just matching it". He said "Ok, we'll take care of you!".

I show up on Tues. and walk in the office and ask "how did it turn out?". He shrugs his shows and says "A little girl'ish for me". I said "WHAT?" I go outside and MY CAR IS PINK!!! Yes PINK!

They matched the faded red. How stupid can you be? Match the faded color.


I was ballistic. I told him if my daughter doesn't like your repainting it. He agreed.

Well she love it so it stayed. They did a great job on the paint job though?

Well fast forward to today. I got tired of car payments so I sold the 11' GT/CS and got her a 2003 Jeep Wrangler X and I got the Mustang back.

It's got 114k miles now and now it's got a 4yr old crappy PINK (faded even more) paint job. So I'm not driving a pink car.

Day one on the agenda is a new paint job.

I contact another Maaco down the street that just open like 4 weeks ago. They are hungry for work so I tell them the story and promised it won't be pink. They went way out of their way to make it right. I got a good price and they did an awesome job on 2 stage paint that closely matches the original Laser Red color. I love how it came out.


Here is my wish list so far. Not making this one a race car. Just a nice daily.

Repaint back to factory color - Done!

Bassani catted X-pipe - Done!

70mm BBK throttle body - Done!

PI head swap - I bought a set but needs rebuilt

Eibach or Steed lowering springs

Staggered Chrome FR500 18x9/10 wheels w/Nitto's

Black front chin spoiler

QA1 K member with A arms

Caster Camber plates

Replace carpet and few interior pieces.

Replace headlights (again) - rubber dry rotted?

Tinted lights and windows

Cobra brake swap

I'm sure there will be more as I keep looking at all these awesome cars on this site.

Hope all this comes to pass.

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Holy hell, I don't think I've ever heard of someone having their laser red car repainted and the shop matching the faded pink! I guess they've never heard of paint color codes? At least your daughter loved it, lol.

Best of luck with the project though, I'm glad to see it's no longer pink and the list of planned mods looks solid :thumb:

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