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How To Recover A Dashboard

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I was a bit skeptical at first of how this would turn out but in the end it actually looked pretty damn nice! The dash in out cars would be quite a bit harder I'd imagine.

Same here, but I acutually really liked how it turned out. I might actually do this with my next car!

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the one trick he didn't show is that as he is doing the area above the glove box, you see the thin, long "leg" of vinyl hanging down?

After he formed the driver's side by the gauge cluster, he worked over to the passenger side, removing excess, but left a long strip to go under the cluster area. that way his one and only 'seam" would be hidden by the column shroud under the gauges.

Very smart! we was lucky the OE foam under the dash wasn't cracked. If it had been, then you fill the cracks with JB weld, sand the dash to blend it and its smooth and flat, then recover.

Good video!


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