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Ride of the Month Rules

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Ride of the month (ROTM) is a monthly contest for members of SN95Source.  There are three threads per month.  They are the Nomination thread, the Voting thread, and finally the Winner thread.  All members have the ability to participate, with the regulations of each thread as listed below.


Nomination Thread:

  • Typically will be posted before two weeks before that month.  This allows us to nominate and vote so that a winner can be announced the first of the month.  Subject to change as availability and timing dictates.
  • Each month has a specific theme devoted to it.  For example, it can be a Black Mustang only month.  As such, only black mustangs are eligible for nomination
  • Any forum member can nominate a member based on the criteria of that month.
  • Previous calendar year winners are not valid, and will be posted in the thread (for example, the winner of November is no longer valid nomination until the next year's December ROTM)
  • You may continue to nominate a person.  The top 4 persons with the most nominations will move onto the voting thread
  • Posting pictures of your nominations are encouraged
  • Posting pictures of your own car is frowned upon, but not illegal (for example if a person asks for it)
  • Try to keep non-topic chat to a minimum
  • Prokiller (the ROTM officiator and moderator) will have final say in any nomination as to whether it fits the theme of the month and will be in charge of locking down this thread once enough time/nominations have past based on his judgement.



Behind the scenes action takes place of collecting nominee's information and pictures

What you can do to help:

Gather a modification list for your car separated as best you can into the below categories.  Also take an exterior, interior and engine picture.



Voting Thread:

  • Typically posted the week before that month.  Voting will last about a week.  Again, subject to change as availability and timing dictates
  • The top four nominees will be posted with their modification list and 3 pictures (exterior, interior, engine)
  • A poll will be posted with the nominee's names
  • All members are encouraged to chose their favorite mustang by clicking in the pool and submitting their vote.
  • Active discussion on the nominated mustangs is encouraged but keep it on topic
  • Nominees are not allowed to add more pictures
  • Prokiller will announce roughly when the voting will be closed and is subject to change based off participation and timing
  • Thread and poll will then be locked once time is up and no more votes may be cast.


Winner Thread:

  • Typically posted on the first day of the month.  Again, subject to change as availability and timing dictates
  • The winner's modification list and pictures will be posted
  • This thread will not be closed
  • Congratulating the winner is encouraged


This concludes our rules and guidelines for Ride of the Month. 



I'd like to further outline our Ride of the Year (ROTY) contest.  This happens once a year in the month December.  There is no nominations for this.  Each of the winners from that year will automatically be entered into the Voting thread with some exceptions.  Because this is a big event for SN95Source, we have big prizes to go along with it.  This means two things, first, that any moderators or forum staff that may have won that year, are NOT eligible for ROTY; secondly, there will be a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners.  The voting thread will go on for at least 2 weeks to allow adequate time for voting to take place.  Each previous winner will have their mod list and pictures posted.  There will be no updating of information if it has changed and pictures will be reused from their previous win.  This is to create a snapshot in time so as to keep consistent with their reason for winning.  All forum members will have to fill out a score card based on the below.  At the end of the allotted time, totals will be tabulated and our top 3 winners will be announced.


Scores are 1-5 with 5 being the highest rating. Breakdown of the categories:

  • Engine - Factor in not only the amount of power that it makes, but also the fit/finish of it.
  • Exterior - Factor in not only the body parts/wheels but also how clean it is kept.
  • Interior - Factor in not only the gauge/seat choice, but also how clean it is kept.
  • Suspension - Try to keep an open mind as to what setup it is geared to whether it be Drag/auto-x/street.
  • It-Factor - If you've ever watched Top Gear, you're familiar with this. Basically its your opinion of the car overall that you can't put into the above categories
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