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Coolant Issue Fixed

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I'm copying this post I made over from SVT Performance. This maybe something for anyone having issues with their Cobra running warm.


So, I've been having issue with the temps on my car. The stock needle would get as high as the L in Normal and I've seen temps hit over 210 on my auto meter gauge with no air running in 70 degree weather. Cruising or sitting still, didn't matter. I installed an Mishimoto radiator and Hypertech 180 stat when I installed my KB and my fans were reset to go along with the stat but nothing helped.

I made a post about the best water pumps to use a few weeks ago and decided to order a Stewart Pump (Thanks racecougar for WP part number)  and a Reische 170 stat. Bought a bottle of Water Wetter, Orange AntiFreeze and 2 gallons of Distilled water  

First off, my car sits super low so I built some custom ramps (Thanks, Busta) to start my stat and wp change project. These ramps kick ass! No bumper scrap or anything!



Here are my temps on a 70 degree day after 30 mins or so of city and country driving, before my stat and wp project.



Here are my temps after stat replacement, lowered fan setting as instructed by Reische, Steward Water pump installed, bottle of Water Wetter added, only 20% of AntiFreeze and the rest water. I drove in the same 70 temps today in city and country driving. Drove and hour and let the car idle in the driveway for 20 mins. The stock gauge never move passed the 0 in Normal and 180 on my AM gauge. My SCT ECT showed 182-184 (never went passed those numbers) and Ive seen 215 on that SCT in this same weather before the parts replacement.



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Nice! I need to do an investigation into my cooling system this summer as well. My car is such a hacked up whore.

I heard that that! Lol I never knew the previous 96-98 had any coolant issues. Mine is a 96 and they are the worst for it. I know these cars like to run or perform better on the warm side but pushing 215 degrees on a 70 degree day with no air running is a bit much. Can't imagine 100 temps this summer. Not actually sure if it was the stat or wp that fixed, but I'm happy either way. Both the stat and wp both promise up to 30 degree cooler temps and damn if I'm not running close to that promise.

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Go to hear you found a fix. I installed my Reische yesterday after pulling the tranny. Heard good things about the Reische thermo.


You will love it! Don't forget to set your low fans at 184 and cutoff at 179

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Was your heat soak issue related to the Kenne Bell being non intercooled?



No, it was a combination of things. Stock 96 condenser and that shitty hyper tech thermostat I installed. SMH :/ 

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