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Hiccup help

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I think the cars done it since I got it. seems like between 50-60 does it a lot.

its abnormal. not like im just letting the rpms get too low (seems to do it even at high 2k rpms) like its losing power but I compress the clutch & rev it or downshift & im usually fine. car has a bama tune (hiccuped before tune) & 4 of the 6 "cats" or w'e theyre considered (there where 6 larger cylinder cat like objects on it lol) have been removed.

still the issue consists after I had bama shut off the rear 02 sensors & I replaced the front two 02 sensors.

I just changed the spark plugs, wires, & ignition coils before the tune.

my next guess is maybe MAF or vacuum? just curious if there any suggestions before I attempt to throw money that I don't have at it lol

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