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lowering and traction control

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yes. you're changing the angle of the rear lower control past the point that grip is optimal. lowering the car pushes the LCA angle higher at the rear axle than the chassis which is not what you want. easiest fix is to turn off traction control as it's a very primitive system anyway.

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Thank you for clearing that up. I usually turn it off when i start up the car but sometimes I do forget and when i take a wide turn down the street at 30, the TC kicks in. It feels like the car lost almost all power :P I searched for traction control on these forums but didint see anything regarding them. I'm gonna find out how to permanently disable it. Thanks.

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You'll have to get a tune to turn it off.

I do remember reading somewhere that a person put a switch in series with the traction control so it wouldn't turn back on when the car is started. But getting a tune seemed easier.

Misspelling brought to you by tapatalk

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