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Rag joint clunk?

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Hey again everyone!

Looking to get my 97 gt's steering CLUNK taken care of...

I've been told that it's the RAG joint, or the lower steering shaft.

Does anyone have a link, pics, part numbers or anything that'd help this mini project out?

Thanks in advance once again!

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When my steering got real sloppy last year, I was under full assumption that it was the rag joint. I could hold the wheel straight, and bounce it side to side about 10* either way without the wheels moving. Once I finally got the time to look underneath with someone else at the wheel, I found out my slip joint was blown out and that's where all my slop was coming from. 


Not that this helps you with parts if you've narrowed it down to the rag joint but if you haven't, it's another thing to look into.

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Thank you young man. I do appreciate the input, and will investigate into the slip joint as well. Your input never hurts haha

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I read that real quick and thought it said your input never helps and I was like wtf dude haha

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