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Can someone tell me what set up I have?

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I am new to mustangs. I bout this car already built by looking at pics and parts on the net I haven't been able to figure out what is going on here. Some one ground on the edge of the intake for the iac valve to fit. I looked up the parts number on it and it is listed for an older body style lightning. I can not find a name or part number on the throttle body anywhere. Also my maf is not in a housing that bolts to a cold air intake like I have seen the ones online. Sorry for the stupid questions but I am not sure if someone pick parts from random cars or if this is after stuff. I have attached a couple pics. Any info at all would be great. Thanks. post-658-14046903547725_thumb.jpgpost-658-14046903801251_thumb.jpg

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The intake isn't bad. Its and edelbrock performer. The way the throttle body is set up is the foxbody style intake conversion. Eliminates the elbow that the sn95 has. Is there a part number on the maf itself?

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kind of hard to tell from the picture. almost looks like an old granatelli motorsports MAF sticker. Det_Riot is right about the fox throttle body conversion. it would appear they also eliminated the egr spacer. most likely this is why they had to grind the side of the intake down to make room for the IAC valve

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