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Well.. got a few runs in.. in Mexico of course

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Got the car out and decided why not.. made a few fun runs.. 40-100..

My lil Bros gti.. and my son riding shot gun.. so funny.. at first he says get em dad. And mind you.. he drives a jr dragster. . Lol.. I need to toughen this one up a bit.. btw.. camera placement owns me!!

I'll be better prepared next time!!

1st run I let the car kick down on its own, and now I see why I won't again lol

Watch "gti vs. 1999 5.0 swapped mustang" on YouTube

gti vs. 1999 5.0 swapped mustang: http://youtu.be/xO_A3_3G4Vk

2nd run.. I manually shifted the car

Watch "gti vs 1999 5.0 swapped mustang round 2" on YouTube

gti vs 1999 5.0 swapped mustang round 2: http://youtu.be/vMOTir_kmYI

All together. . I'm happy with the car.. my brothers is no slouchy car at all.. we are going to hit the strip here soon.. I think I'll def. Have the advantage there lol..

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