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Shop Needed to Install Subrame Connector in Houston, TX

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Wife bought me the KB complete subframe connector kit. Its going on a 94 GT vert. The problem is, when on a two post lift, the car bows a lot. Good idea to install on a two post lift? Probably not. Anybody know of or used a shop that has a four post lift and that has people that can install? Please leave any info you can. Two local shops in The Woodlands that have the four post wont do it. Tired of calling places and trying to explain what I need done.

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Monday morning, God was laughing and pointing a finger at me. He leaned over to my savior Jesus and said "He made plans!" Then the Lord said with a big smile "Send him to Calgary for a week. I just dropped a foot of snow on them. He hates that." I got back friday nite :/

Im going to call no matter where in the world I am this monday Bring it big man! (:

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