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my GT/COBRA....

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my ho hum old daily driver made fun.........and not done by a long shot.

now im not a pic whore like my buddy frank, but heres a couple to get started, and ill have more once i get my camera back from repair or hang out with frank lmao.

1997 mustang GTS/98 cobra swap

mmr stroker 950 shortblock

manley forged flattops

manly forged rods

forged 5.0 crank

mmr street/racing oil pump

arp head & main studs

mmr windage tray

mmr street/strip 7qt oil pan...with an fms no leak mod lol

11.1 cr

na svt short runner

39# injectors

90mm maf

c&l cold air

aluminum driveshaft

shorty headers

off road h pipe

mac mufflers, stocktails(for now)

3.73 gears

h&r springs

tokico blues(shocks & struts)

front cobra brakes

17x8 AR bullitts

17x10.5 bullitts

315 nitto drag radials

also updating all interior to black from grey/black


needs a new coat of DFG!


cobra brake upgrade


cobra front bumper


escort black airbag lol


black leather wrap steering wheel and cobra cluster.


short runner install, should have took more pics....


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=) Im pretty sure thats my old cluster, im glad i get to see what it ended up in.


you sir, are correct........it was nice having it at 0 mileage. but them odometer gears were definitely stripped from the process, so an odometer repair kit from lmr was the ticket. now im looking for a clean lens for it, since the glue from your stickers never cam off lmao.........

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Pretty much, hard to find pics in my cell its nothing but a green cobra :/ Or friends cars... Mario I thought you fixed them speedo gears

Heads up and ass kickin! Using Tapatalk 2

i did lol,just saying.....

and you are the biggest pic whore i know..........its not a bad thing.

i need new pics now that i fixed the missing reflector on the back bumper and the smoked headlights are on there now.

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