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Idle air control over speed error - replaced everything

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Hi everyone. I'm having some trouble with my 2001 Ford Mustang Gt. It has cold air intake, exhaust and a typhoon intake manifold. I noticed while driving my my rpm's would go up and down by itself and my idle in Park and neutral only would be high (1000-1200 rpm) I decided to clean the throttle body and maf. Next day I get a p1506 engine code (idle air control over speed error) Cleaned iac. Didn't fix it Replaced pvc hose and all the other hoses. Didn't fix it. Replaced idle air control valve. Didn't fix it. Cleaned throttle body and maf again. Didn't fix it. Did idle relearn. Didn't fix it. Checked iac connector with voltmeter meter and it was good. Took iac valve back and replaced it with another one just incase I received a bad iac. Didn't fix it. (I'm reseting the engine code with my obd2 device everytime I try something to fix it) I'm not sure what else to try. I'd rather try and fix it myself and save some money instead of taking it to a shop so any help from you guys is very much appreciated! Thanks!

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Check the throttle position sensor voltage closed it shouldn't be higher than .99 and around 4+~ volts wide open throttle

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