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2v teksid start up eta 4/13

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It's been a rocky road with this build, but hoping to fire it up soon. Last fire up resulted in no oil pressure in left head. Found sludge blockage in oil port behind left tensioner. Now that it's all cleared up, she's almost ready to fire. Working on extending the wiring harness to hide it under the Edelbrock intake


Got some fittings today to make the fuel system full loop instead of dead heading after frps on drivers side rail


Working in the engine harness.


Barely made a dent in it


That's a lot of crap


AC compressor wires gone


Still have a lot to go


Engine harness will connect under dash and come through the first firewall where the heater core use to

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Started the car, had same issue as I had last fall when I started it which sounds like lash adjusters clanging. Pulled valve covers and started it, she's getting plenty of oil up top. With covers off it sounded like it might be deeper. So I grabbed the bore scope from my dad's shop and I'll pull the plugs and take a peak to see if the valves are hitting the pistons.

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