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New ignition switch

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Currently i bought a 97 mustang and it only had 1 transponder key thats all messed up and with broken plastic. And im afraid ill break t more..

So with a little searching autozone sells 2 switchs a non null transponder switch which without a lot of effort isnt a direct fit replacement.

However for 65$ they do have a transponder switch with precut keys...

I want to get that and replace mine. Does it have to be programmed. If so how do you program a new switch and 2 keys.

I have been told only have 1 key its impossible to make another which of course ford will tell u that to scare you.

I could buy a blank for 5$ from a buddy which is what they sell for on ebay.. with that blank lowes could cut it for me and then i could take the 1 key and program a new 1 according to this article. Its called adding a key.


Option b states you can add another key with only 1. I may end up doing that because its only 5$ vs 65$.

Any thoughts.

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Autozine says if i got a key cut it i could program it. Also the new ignition switch all they said i had to do was slide it in and leave the kry on a few mins and turn off. Repeat with the other key and i woild have a new cylinder with 2 keys.

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as long as its a key with a transponder in it then yes you should be able to program it.  It its just a regular key with no transponder then there is no programming.  I think you can turn pats off with the proper programmer and then maybe you could use the switch with out the coil/receiver  on it but with pats on I am sure it needs to see that connection to allow the car to start.

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I've had a locksmith create new keys for me when I lost all of the working ones. I had one that didn't have the transponder in the key head and that's what they used to cut new keys. They programmed all of the new ones in. I'm still using those to this day and have never had an issue.

Just have a locksmith use your junk key to cut new ones and program the new ones in

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If its something i can do myself as far as programming goes id rather do that because i honestly dknt want to spend more than 50$ on keys. I was told j could get either the transponder or nontransponder ignition cylinder and after flipping kry and doing precise instructions i could do it myself cheaper but im not sure on that.

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Spare Key Programming

NOTE: Service control modules require only one key to be programmed before allowing the vehicle to start. If a control module is changed, the technician must inform the customer to program any additional keys using the Spare Key Programming procedure detailed in the Owner Guide.



The system has capacity to store a maximum of 16 keys. After the initial key has been programmed or using any programmed key, follow the steps below:

NOTE: Encoded keys must have correct mechanical key cut for vehicle.



  • Cycle ignition switch from RUN to OFF with a programmed key.
  • Within 15 seconds after this cycle, insert a new encoded key into ignition switch and turn to RUN or START.
  • If programming is successful, the THEFT indicator will illuminate for two seconds and the control module will enable the vehicle to start.
  • Repeat until all chosen keys have been programmed, up to 16 keys total.
  • If programming is not successful, the THEFT indicator will:
    • Flash for one minute if no key code is received. The key is either damaged or is a non-encoded key. (Try a new key and start procedure over again.)
    • Flash for 15 minutes if key code is received yet engine is disabled. The key was not programmed successfully. Start procedure over again.
  • If programming is not successful, possibly the new key was not inserted within 15 seconds, all 16 key codes have been stored, or the key is a non-encoded key. If the key was not encoded or inserted within 15 seconds, repeat procedure.
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In short, just get new transponder keys cut, follow these directions and call it a day. Hope I helped.


*Realized after making these posts that the thread is months old. I'm leaving the information anyway as it's useful stuff.

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