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1994 5.0 manual----*SWAP*----1998 3.8 v6 auto doner

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My name is stephen and I'm from Kansas City, mo.

I had a gettho 1994 5.0 that was a stolen recovery, I paid $800 and got the whole car. (its the yellow one)

Talked to a few different people, was told a swap to a new car (after 95'). I went ahead and bought a 1998 v6 3.8 auto.

The 98' (white one) was a nice car in the pictures. When I got my hands on...rust rust rust. I had the car micro-blasted $200.

They did the whole underside and under the hood. It put holes in the rail, where the subframe bolts up. So I bent 12ga steal and reinforced it.

Primer and Spray. Looked nice. Dropped the subframe from the 94' rolled it out and seperated it got the engine on the stand. It was all bad toasted mains and rods.

Compression was fine. I bought as a stock 5.0. When I began removing things i found out alot. It has a B-303 and after market pistons. I'm confused i asked my local ford guy manns speed shop.

He informed me that ford did what was called blueprinted builds. I'm thinking its just a rebuild or something. That was about the best explaniation I could come up with. It was a stock crank, so I replaced it with all the berrings the mustangs are bad about those.

That was about how far I got before my old man threw me out of his shop.

So alot of drama later all of my stuff being drug to my house. I am in the garage.

My motor took a spill in the back of a pick up truck, and the car was drug about 30 foot with no subframe.

Got my repairs done, subframe in.It needs the hubs fromt he v6 and one strut.

Doing all the wireing now, then will do the rearend.

I'm getting all new adjustable controll arms for $250.

Thats where im at.












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