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When people don't get back to you...

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My Cobra is sitting at my buddy's shop in Cherry Hill, NJ waiting for someone to tune it. They installed my powerpipe, injectors, pump & MAF for my Vortech and I've found a few reputable tuners in the area who tune with the Quarterhorse. I've been calling these guys all week, actually got in touch with one who said he can help, but now isn't even getting back to me. They're all within a half hour distance from the shop and can use the shops dyno to tune the car.


I get that people are busy, especially business owners of performance shops this time of the year when everyone wants to get their cars street ready for nice weather, but why do these people never return your calls!?!


It baffles me!!! 



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how far of a drive is it?  I would go make a personal visit and just see whats up.  Face to face normally gets more done imo.  the tuner i used was pretty slow getting back to me, but it was only a week or so at a crack, so it wasnt too bad, i just waited patiently. 

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Funny, turns out it's the shop I brought my car to that's the effin problem. They've had the car for 5 weeks as of today for work that shouldn't take more than 8-10 labor hours. They claim it will be ready on Wednesday - we'll see.

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