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4r70w shifting issues

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It's a 96 V6 auto and it will set into 3rd or overdrive then at random times it will shove back into second, sometimes pushing the revs past recline. I've replaced the speed sensor and the range sensor/neutral safety switch. Not sure where to go from here? Any ideas?

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I've deduced that it's a ground wire on the transmission harness. I can't seem to find any wires leaving the wire loom though, they all go into the pcm. Does anyone know where the ground is for the harness? 

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your shift position switch doesnt run a typical ground, like you would expect. it should be an 8 wire sensor, with only 6 wires populated. there is the MLPS wire and the sensor ground. it SHOULD be a gray wire with a red tracer.

Although chances are good the actual MLPS is bad.

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