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How To Disassemble Calipers

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1. Remove caliper from car

2. Place something in the caliper opening to stop the pistons from becoming a projectile. Here I used an old piece of thick rubber hose.

3. Using an air compressor and rubber nipple, insert the nipple into the opening where the brake line connects to and hit it with air until one of the pistons pop out. (see vid)

4. Here you can see I replaced the rubber hose with a roll of tape. This was to keep the seal on the upper piston so that the lower piston will also dislodge.

5. Hold the air into until both pistons pop out an equal length.

6. Replace the rubber hose again once both pistons are dislodged an equal amount on the tape roll.

7. Hit the caliper again with the compressed air so that they will dislodge fully.

8. Remove pistons and pull out seals.

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*lightly hone brake caliper cylinders


*debur pistons with emery cloth.


*install new seals and LIGHTLY silicane grease the metal that contacts the pads.


*pipe clean and wd40 caliper side pin slots. clean them out with brake cleaner.


*emery cloth, lube and reinstall the sliders or buy a rebuild kit.

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